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PhD students

NMNH-BAS has an accreditation under the doctoral programs “Zoology” and “Entomology” with a validity period of 6 years. Every year 3—5 doctoral students are trained and get their degrees at the museum. In most cases, PhD students continue their careers as researchers at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Over the years, 21 specialists have received doctoral and doctoral degrees at the museum, and another 8 are currently being trained.

Doctoral students are provided with opportunities to participate in the teams of projects with external funding, as well as get support through scientific guidance in the projects of BAS and the Scientific Research Fund of the Ministry of Education and Science. By providing various training programs and short-term visits to European research institutions, as well as contacts with experienced zoologists and opportunities to use modern approaches in research, excellent working conditions are created at NMNHS for a successful work.
— Vasil Vutov — degree received

Alexi Popov — degree received
Borislav Guéorguiev — degree received
Stoyan Beshkov — degree received
Nikolay Simov — degree received
— Hristina Hristova — degree received
Dimitar Kaynarov

Zlatozar Boev — degree received
— Stoitze Andreev — degree received
Nikolai Spassov — degree received
Pavel Stoev — degree received
Georgi Markov — degree received
— Ivan Mitev — degree received
Nedko Nedyalkov — degree received
Dimitar Demerdzhiev — degree received
Dragomir Dimitrov — degree received
Tihomir Stefanov — degree received
Nadezhda Karastoyanova — degree received
— Angel Dyugmedzhiev — degree received
Dimitar Plachiyski — degree received
— Girgina Daskalova
Ilya Fabian Acosta — degree received
— Georgi Gerdjikov — degree received
Emiliya Vacheva — degree received
Violeta Zhelyazkova — degree received
Yurii Kornilev
Vladimir Nikolov
Ivaylo Angelov
Mihail Iliev
— Dimitar Dimitrov