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Dr Nikolay Simov. Photo: (c) Stoyan Beshkov
Dr Nikolay Simov. Photo: (c) Stoyan Beshkov

Nikolay Simov

(Associate Professor, Dr)
phone: (+359 2) 9885116 (ext. 668); e-mail:

Born: 25 January 1975, Sofia.
Education: Sofia University ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’ (2000).
Speciality: zoology (entomology).

Research interests

Heteroptera; taxonomy, faunistics, zoogeography and ecology of the order in Bulgaria and in the Balkan Peninsula.

Current projects

Cytotaxonomic study of Dicyphinae species (Heteroptera, Miridae). Grant. B-1304/03

Most recent publications

Simov, N., Langourov, M., Sakalian, V., Bozukov, V., 2021. First fossil jewel beetle (Insecta: Coleoptera: Buprestidae) from Middle Miocene deposits in Bulgaria. — Historia naturalis bulgarica, 42: 31—34. [PDF] doi:10.48027/hnb.42.052

Simov, N., Langourov, M., Pavlova, A., Hubenov, Z., Bozukov, V., 2021. First record of fossil Diptera (Insecta) in Miocene deposits in Bulgaria. — Comptes rendus de l’Académie bulgare des Sciences 74 (2): 233—240. doi:10.7546/CRABS.2021.02.10 [PDF]

Langourov, M., Simov, N., Abadjiev, S., 2021. Three species of butterflies new for the North Aegean Island of Lemnos (Greece). — Historia naturalis bulgarica, 42: 79—86. [PDF] doi:10.48027/hnb.42.101

Koynova, T. V., Valkova, S. I., Simov, N. P., Langourov, M. S., Natchev, N. D., 2021. Data on the Stomach Content Analysis and Fat-body Morphology in the Agile Frog (Rana dalmatina Fitzinger in Bonaparte, 1838) during the Mating Season in Bulgaria. — Ecologia Balkanica, 13 (1): 27—33. [PDF]

Stoianova, D., Simov, N., Vu, M. Q., Nguyen, D. M., Grozeva, S., 2020. New data on karyotype, spermatogenesis and ovarian trophocyte ploidy in three aquatic bug species of the families Naucoridae, Notonectidae, and Belostomatidae (Nepomorpha, Heteroptera). — Comparative Cytogenetics, 14 (1): 139—156. doi:10.3897/CompCytogen.V14i1.48709

Nikolov, V., Dochev, D., Pavlishina, P., Brusatte, S., Yaneva, M., Konyovska, R., Vergilov, V., Simov, N., Spassov, N., Hristova, L., 2020. Welcome to “Cretaceous Park”: Three years of research at the Late Cretaceous tetrapod fossil site near the town of Tran, Western Srednogorie. — Review of the Bulgarian Geological Society, 81 (3): 141—143.

Käfer, H., Kovac, H., Simov, N., Battisti, A., Erregger, B., Schmidt, A. K. D., Stabentheiner, A., 2020. Temperature Tolerance and Thermal Environment of European Seed Bugs. — Insects, 11 (3) 197: 1—17. doi:10.3390/insects11030197

Асенова, А., Лангуров, М., Симов, Н., Бекчиев, Р., 2020. Бъдете равни с природата. Учебно помагало за деца от предучилищна възраст. — Община Кюстендил, Национален природонаучен музей—БАН, София, 56 с. [PDF]

Асенова, А., Лангуров, М., Симов, Н., Бекчиев, Р., 2020. Будите једнаки са природом. Кратка образовна књижица за децу предшколског узраста. — Општина Ћустендил, Национални природњачки музеј—БАН, Софија, 55 с. [PDF]

Roth, S., Balvin, O., Siva-Jothy, M. T., Di Iorio, O., Benda, P., Calva, O., Faundez, E. I., Anwarali Khan, F. A., McFadzen, M., Lehnert, M. P., Naylor, R., Simov, N., Morrow, E. H., Willassen, E., Reinhardt, K., 2019. Bedbugs Evolved before Their Bat Hosts and Did Not Co-speciate with Ancient Humans. — Current Biology, 29: 1847—1853. doi:10.1016/j.cub.2019.04.048

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