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Currently there are 283 bibliographical references and abstracts to publications with gemmological or mineralogical thematics in the ‘Library’. The section comprises also a glossary with 391 terms.

Freiesleben, J. C., 1836 — Calcit — Published in 1836 in ‘Magazin für die Oryktographie von Sachsen’; contains the original description of the mineral calcite.
Karsten, D. L. G., 1808 — Erd-und steinarten. Magnesit — Published in 1808 in ‘Mineralogische Tabellen’; contains the original description of the mineral magnesite.

clinozoisite — species of mineral; see clinozoisite in ‘Classification’
cobaltite — species of mineral; data; faceted specimens reported (Iverson, 2012)
cobaltoan smithsonite — variety of smithsonite; see cobaltoan smithsonite in ‘Classification’
coffin — rare shape in faceting a gemstone

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