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— 29 December 2017
Comparative arachnogeographical analysis of Australia, Papuan Area, New Caledonia and New Zealand
Petar Beron

pp. 3–32

— views: 107
Comparative arachnogeographical analysis between the faunas of Central America and the Antilleans (Caribbeans)
Petar Beron

pp. 33–59

— views: 70
Vertical distribution and comparative zoogeographical characteristic of dipteran fauna (Insecta: Diptera) according to the vegetation belts of the Pirin and Rila Mountains
Zdravko Hubenov

pp. 61–119

— views: 104
Композиционни калцитови кристали от находище Сърнешко кладенче, Росенски руден район [Composite calcite crystals from the ‘Surneshko Kladenche’ deposit, Rossen ore district]
Йорданка Минчева-Стефанова; Светослав Петрусенко; Маргарита Кръстева; Димитър Сокеров [Jordanka Minčeva-Stefanova; Svetoslav Petrussenko; Margarita Krusteva; Dimitar Sokerov]

pp. 121–126

— views: 86
Notes about the floristic diversity in the Triglav National Park and the vascular flora of the towns of Budva, Podgorica and Dubrovnik (Adriatic Coast of Croatia and Montenegro)
Dimitar Dimitrov; Vasil Vutov

pp. 127–130

— views: 135
Acarorum Catalogus I — First supplement (2008–2016)
Petar Beron

pp. 131–154

— views: 108
Bulgarian Zoologists in Africa — results of the research and material remaining for study. supplement to the article about Indo-Malayan Region (2013–2016)
Petar Beron

pp. 155–164

— views: 99
Fossil and subfossil record of Reptiles (Reptilia Laurenti, 1768) in Bulgaria
Zlatozar Boev

pp. 165–178

— views: 117
New data on the subfossil fauna from “Forum Serdica” (Sofia City, Bulgaria; 3rd–19th century AD)
Zlatozar Boev

pp. 179–186

— views: 94
International team of scientists presents evidence that the oldest pre-humans lived 7.2 Ma ago on the Balkans

p. 187

— views: 69
Prof. Denis Geraads at 65
Nikolai Spassov

p. 189

— views: 58
Една необикновена книга [An extraordinary book]
Петър Берон [Petar Beron]

p. 191

— views: 104

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