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New data on the subfossil fauna from “Forum Serdica” (Sofia City, Bulgaria; 3rd–19th century AD)

Zlatozar Boev

29 December 2017 · volume 24 · pp. 179–186 · PDF [full text]

Abstract: Presented are the results of the excavations in the central Sofia circus of 3rd–4th to 16–19th c. AD from 2016, deposited over the Roman “Forum Serdica”. They number 8313 bone/shell finds of 47 taxa (at least 36 species and domestic forms) of invertebrates (mollusks — land snails and freshwater mussels) and vertebrate animals (bony ray-finned fishes, birds and mammals /incl. man/). One species, the Aurochs, is globally extinct and 1 disappeared from the recent fauna of Bulgaria (Great bustard). Seven species are listed in the country’s Red Data Book: European carp, Great bustard, Eurasian lynx, Gray wolf, Red deer, Brown bear, and Wildcat.

Keywords: Medieval animal husbandry and hunting, Last Aurochs on the Balkans, Late-medieval poultry, Means of livelihood in the Ottoman period of Sofia

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