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Comparative arachnogeographical analysis of Australia, Papuan Area, New Caledonia and New Zealand

Petar Beron

29 December 2017 · volume 24 · pp. 3–32 · PDF [full text]

Abstract: Arachnogeographical analysis of all orders of Arachnida in Australia (incl. Tasmania), New Guinea, New Caledonia, Lord Howe Isl. and New Zealand. The purpose of this study was to outline the representation of the different orders in the separate territories and to verify the arachnological proves for the zoogeographical subdivision of Nothogea and the world. The conclusion is that the level of representation of Arachnida in the classical Notogea (including Papuan area, but excluding Patagonia) was much lower as compared to the level in the vertebrates, with their endemic subclasses, orders and suborders. even in the most isolated area (New Zealand) there were no endemics of very high rank. They included (endemisms above genus): Australia (cont.): one endemic family of Scorpions (Urodacidae), Tasmania: only endemic subfamilies of spiders (Plesiothelinae and Hickmanniinae), New Guinean area: no endemics above genus, New Caledonia: one endemic family of Opiliones (Troglosironidae), New Zealand: one endemic family of spiders (Huttoniidae) and one of Opiliones (Synthetonychiidae).

Keywords: arachnogeographical analysis, Australia, Papuan Area, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Arachnida, endemism

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