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Orlets — specimen 0741, photo © NMNHS
Orlets — specimen 0741, photo © NMNHS

Orletsspecimen 0741


North Asia
Russia, Ural Federal District, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Sysertsky District, Middle Urals, Malosedel’nikovskoe deposit, 56.646111°N 60.740278°E
Orlets — specimen 0741, locality map

Weight: 2.55 ct; size: 10.74 | 6.29 | 2.90 mm; shape: rectangle; colour: medium light purple; slightly greyish; clarity: opaque; cut: very good; treatment: none.

Clean specimen; design ‘Rectangulum Cab’, very good cut by Tan Pen.

More information from ‘Classification’

A finegrained quartzite-like rhodonite enriched by manganese and low contents of iron and magnesium. Usually of metasomatic origin (manganese skarns). Ornamental stone, in which besides it black dendrites and veins of manganese hydroxides and oxides, brown sections of bustamite and other inclusions occur, giving a polished surface very nice and interesting look.