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Chalcedony — specimen 0694, photo © NMNHS
Chalcedony — specimen 0694, photo © NMNHS

Chalcedonyspecimen 0694


no precise locality [Africa]

Weight: 2.06 ct; size: 9.98 | 8.67 | 5.07 mm; shape: hexagon; colour: light grey; clarity: translucent; cut: excellent; treatment: none.

Clean specimen; design ‘Hexamixtum S 41-32’ [pavilion angle changed to 35.00], excellent cut by Tan Pen.

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Traditionally defined as a fibrous cryptocrystalline variety of quartz. More recently, it has been shown that much chalcedony is a mixture of quartz and mogánite. Pure chalcedony may contain trace amounts of silanol groups.