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Ametrine — specimen 0226, photo © NMNHS
Ametrine — specimen 0226, photo © NMNHS

Ametrinespecimen 0226


East Africa
Ametrine — specimen 0226, locality map

Weight: 1.29 ct; size: 8.49 | 6.74 | 4.56 mm; shape: hexagon; colour: light bluish violet; strong; clarity: eye clean; cut: excellent; treatment: none.

Very clean specimen; design ‘Hexaelongatis 2’, excellent cut by Tan Pen.

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More information from ‘Classification’

A variety of quartz. Ametrine crystals are made of alternating sectors of violet and yellow to orange colour. While the violet sectors are made of amethyst, the yellow or orange sectors are not made of citrine, because they are coloured by inclusions of iron compounds. Upon heating ametrine the violet sectors pale, while the yellow-orange ones keep their colour.