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Grossular-hibschite series — specimen 0089, photo © NMNHS
Grossular-hibschite series — specimen 0089, photo © NMNHS

Grossular-hibschite seriesspecimen 0089


Southern Africa
South Africa
Grossular-hibschite series — specimen 0089, locality map

Weight: 6.99 ct; size: 13.25 | 9.85 | 6.07 mm; shape: oval; colour: medium light red; very slightly brownish; clarity: translucent; cut: very good; treatment: none.

Clean specimen; very good cabochon style cut.

Other specimens
Grossular-hibschite series — specimen 0635

More information from ‘Classification’

A series between grossular and hibschite. Sometimes called hydrogrossular. Light red (pink) colouration in some specimens is due to the presence of manganese.