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List of type specimens in the natural history collections in Bulgaria (3)

 Eriophorum sarmaticum Palamarev
(family Cyperaceae)
— holotype [identifier: IBERPBXX0020] — collection: IBER-PB
 Stratiotes acutispermum Palamarev
(family Hydrocharitaceae)
— holotype [identifier: IBERPBXX0021] — collection: IBER-PB
Acer protohyrcanum Palamarev & Bozukov [holotype]Acer protohyrcanum Palamarev & Bozukov
(family Aceraceae)
— holotype [identifier: IBERPBXX0022] — collection: IBER-PB
Adinandra palaeorhodopaea Palamarev & Bozukov [holotype]Adinandra palaeorhodopaea Palamarev & Bozukov
(family Theaceae)
— holotype [identifier: IBERPBXX0023] — collection: IBER-PB
Alnus palaeorhodopaea Bozukov & Palamarev [holotype]Alnus palaeorhodopaea Bozukov & Palamarev
(family Betulaceae)
— holotype [identifier: IBERPBXX0024] — collection: IBER-PB
Caesalpinites inaequalis Palamarev & Petkova [holotype]Caesalpinites inaequalis Palamarev & Petkova
(family Fabaceae)
— holotype [identifier: IBERPBXX0025] — collection: IBER-PB
Carpinus mestensis Kitanov fil. [holotype]Carpinus mestensis Kitanov fil.
(family Betulaceae)
— holotype [identifier: IBERPBXX0026] — collection: IBER-PB
Cercidiphyllum macrophyllum Palamarev & Petkova [holotype]Cercidiphyllum macrophyllum Palamarev & Petkova
(family Cercidiphyllaceae)
— holotype [identifier: IBERPBXX0027] — collection: IBER-PB
Cyclobalanopsis stojanovii Palamarev & Kitanov [holotype]Cyclobalanopsis stojanovii Palamarev & Kitanov
(family Fagaceae)
— holotype [identifier: IBERPBXX0028] — collection: IBER-PB
Daphnogene rhodopaea Palamarev [holotype]Daphnogene rhodopaea Palamarev
(family Lauraceae)
— holotype [identifier: IBERPBXX0029] — collection: IBER-PB
— 1986 records
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