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List of type specimens in the natural history collections in Bulgaria

Trochisciopsis tetraspora f. minor Gärtner, Uzunov, Stoyneva, Kofler & Ingolić [iconotype]Trochisciopsis tetraspora f. minor Gärtner, Uzunov, Stoyneva, Kofler & Ingolić
(family Chlorococcaceae)
— iconotype [identifier: ACUSXXXX0001] — collection: ACUS
 Chara palaeofoetida Kitanov & Palamarev
(family Characeae)
— holotype [identifier: IBERPBXX0001] — collection: IBER-PB
 Nitellopsis palaeobalcanica (Kitan. & Palam.) Palamarev
(family Characeae)
— holotype [identifier: IBERPBXX0002] — collection: IBER-PB
 Abies garmensis Kitan. fil.
(family Pinaceae)
— holotype [identifier: IBERPBXX0003] — collection: IBER-PB
 Sequoiadendron breviauriculatum Palamarev
(family Taxodiaceae)
— holotype [identifier: IBERPBXX0004] — collection: IBER-PB
 Broussonetia intermedia Palamarev
(family Moraceae)
— holotype [identifier: IBERPBXX0005] — collection: IBER-PB
 Ceratophyllum balcanicum Palamarev
(family Ceratophyllaceae)
— holotype [identifier: IBERPBXX0006] — collection: IBER-PB
 Corylopsis palaeorhodopensis Palamarev
(family Hamamelidaceae)
— holotype [identifier: IBERPBXX0007] — collection: IBER-PB
 Decodon triangularis Palamarev
(family Lythraceae)
— holotype [identifier: IBERPBXX0008] — collection: IBER-PB
 Eurya angularis Palamarev
(family Theaceae)
— holotype [identifier: IBERPBXX0009] — collection: IBER-PB
— 1986 records
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