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Staff publications

Nikolai Spassov [publications] (6)

Spassov, N., 1982. Fossils of the Alpine ibex and the Giant Deer in Bulgaria and the function of the Giant Deer antlers. — Priroda, Sofia 5: 21—27.

Spassov, N., 1982. The ‘Bizarre’ dorsal plates of the stegosaurs: Ethological Approach. — Comptes rendus de l’Academie Bulgare des Sciences, 3: 367—370.

Spassov, N., 1982. Evolution and distribution of Steppe polecat and the Western polecat (Mustella putorius). — Priroda, Sofia, 6:32—39.

Spiridonov, G., Spassov, N., 1981. A Location of the Teugmaln’s owl (Aegolius funereus L.) in the Balkan Range. — Ornithological Bulletin, Zool. Inst., Bulg. Acad. Sci., 10: 30—32.

Spassov, N., 1980. Does the stoat inhabit Bulgaria? — Priroda, Sofia, 3: 96—98.

Боев, Н., Спасов, Н., 1980. 'Снежният човек' — между шума на евтината сензация и научната истина. — Природа и знание, 2: 13—15. [PDF]

Spiridonov, G., Spassov, N., Mileva, L., 1979. A new sighting of the Ural owl. — Ornithological Bulletin, Zoological Inst. Bulg. Acad. Sci., 6: 22—25.

Spassov, N., 1979. Sexual selection and the evolution of horn-like structures of Ceratopsian dinosaurs. — Palaeontology, Stratigraphy, Lithology, 11: 37—48.

Spassov, N., 1979. Sexual selection and evolution of intraspecific display means in baboons (Primates, Cercopithecidae). — Comptes rendus de l’Academie Bulgare des Sciences, 32 (2): 225—228.

Spassov, N., 1978. Sexual selections and evolution of intraspecifc means in some baboon species (Primates). — II Congresus Theorilogicus Internationalis. Abstracts of papers. Brno.

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