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Curator: Assoc. Prof. Dr Borislav Guéorguiev

National Museum of Natural History
1 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd
1000 Sofia


Dermaptera Collection

Almost all of the Dermaptera material was collected as a result of P. Beron’s expeditions from Bulgaria and many other countries from different continents, mainly in their equatorial, tropical and subtropical regions, but also from the Mediterranean region. The earwigs are stored in about one hundred tubes of alcohol and contains over 2000 specimens, including one type (Diplatys beroni Brindle, 1982). Part of the material collected from the tropical regions of Africa, Asia, South America and New Guinea was determined by A. Brindle until 1985. In 2015, part of this determined material (mainly from Nigeria, Nepal and Sri Lanka) was published by P. Beron. Considerable part of samples of Dermaptera has not been unidentified yet.