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Severina Velkova. Photo: (c) Severina Velkova
Severina Velkova. Photo: (c) Severina Velkova

Severina Velkova


High school: Graduated from 119th High School ‘Acad. Michail Arnaudov’ in 2009.

At present: Student at Sofia University ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’, Faculty of Biology, degree program Ecology and Environmental Protection.

Monitoring of Bat Populations on Bulgaria 2010
European Bat Night 2010 — Sofia
Youth Environmental Camp ‘Atanasovsko Ezero Lake 2010’
Environmental Camp ‘Madzarovo 2010’
Yought Forum ‘Kartali 2010’

Languages: English — good.

Interests: Ecological problems, animal world, nature.

Hobby: Chasing butterflies ;-), painting, swimming, climbing and others.

Love: Painting, going to the mountain and drinking coffee.

Dislike: Tarator.

Why did I become an intern at the NMNHS? — Because the world of animals is still an unrevealed secret and there is always something to learn.