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Prof. Dr Zdravko Hubenov. Photo: (c) Z. Hubenov
Prof. Dr Zdravko Hubenov. Photo: (c) Z. Hubenov

Zdravko Hubenov

(Professor Dr)
phone: (+359 87) 7089039; (+359 2) 9885116 (ext. 616); e-mail:

Born: 3 January 1954, Sofia.
Education: Sofia University ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’, Faculty of Biology (1976)
Speciality: zoology

Research interests

Zoology, entomology, malacology, faunistics, taxonomy, zoogeography, assessment and protection of invertebrates, faunistic diversity, protected areas, protected species, invasive species, assessment of areas with conservation importance, conservation problems of the fauna, storage of the scientific zoological collections.

Current projects

Red Data Book of Bulgaria (Freshwater Molluscs) (2005—2007)
Assessment of the invasive animal species for Bulgaria and control measures for restriction of their impact on the natural ecosystems and native species (2005—2007)
Risk assessment of the invasion of Dreissena polymorpha mussel in North-West Bulgaria (2006—2007)
Optimisation of the Natura 2000 ecological network in Bulgaria (Fauna, Invertebrates) (2007—2009)
Investigation, assessment and protection of the invertebrates’ faunistic diversity (2008—2010)
Assessment and management of Dreissena spp. invasion in the Bulgarian Water Basins (2009—2011)
Influence of the entomopathogenic fungus Entomophaga maimaiga Humber, Shimauzu & Soper on the Lymantria dispar (Linnaeus) population and diversity of the entomofauna in the oak forests in Bulgaria (2009—2011)

Member of editorial boards

Fauna Bulgarica; Catalogus faunae bulgaricae

PhD students

Ivaylo Todorov, Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Lecture courses

Sofia University ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’ — Entomology; Evolution and phylogeny of the insects; Morphology, anatomy and systematics of the insects
New Bulgarian University — Zoology of the invertebrate animals, Zoology of the vertebrate animals
Plovdiv University ‘Paisii Hilendarski’ — Faunistic diversity of Bulgaria

Most recent publications

Hubenov, Z., 2022. Review of the Families of the Suborder Nematocera (Insecta: Diptera) of Bulgaria. — Acta zoologica bulgarica, 74 (1): 9—26. [PDF]

Georgiev, G., Hubenov, Z., Mirchev, P., Georgieva, M., Matova, M., 2022. New tachinid parasitoids on pine processionary moth (Thaumetopoea pityocampa) (Diptera: Tachinidae) in Bulgaria. — Silva Balcanica, 23 (1): 5—10. doi:10.3897/silvabalcanica.23.e81890 [PDF]

Simov, N., Langourov, M., Pavlova, A., Hubenov, Z., Bozukov, V., 2021. First record of fossil Diptera (Insecta) in Miocene deposits in Bulgaria. — Comptes rendus de l’Académie bulgare des Sciences 74 (2): 233—240. doi:10.7546/CRABS.2021.02.10 [PDF]

Hubenov, Z., 2021. Species composition and distribution of the dipterans (Insecta: Diptera) in Bulgaria. — Pensoft and National Museum of Natural History, Sofia, 276 pp. doi:10.3897/ab.e68616 [PDF]

Gogaladze, A., Son, M. O., Lattuada, M., Anistratenko, V. V., Syomin, V. L., Pavel, A. B., Popa, O. P., Popa, L. O., ter Poorten, J.-J., Biesmeijer, J. C., Raes, N., Wilke, T., Trichkova, T., Hubenov, Z. K., Vinarski, M. V., Anistratenko, O. Yu., Alexenko, T. L., Wesselingh, F. P., 2021. Decline of unique Pontocaspian biodiversity in the Black Sea Basin: A review. — Ecology and Evolution 2021, 00: 1—25. doi:10.1002/ece3.8022 [PDF]

Csányi, B., Weiperth, A., Zorić, K., Bammer, V., Borza, P., Trichkova, T., Weigand, A., Cardoso, A. C., Očadlik, M., Bubíková, K., Stanković, I., Todorov, M., Botev, I., Kenderov, M., Hubenov, Z., Paunović, M., 2021. Invasive alien species. — In: Liška, I., Wagner, F., Sengl, M., Deutsch, K., Slobodník, J., Paunović, M. (eds) Joint Danube Survey 4. Scientic Report: A Shared Analysis of the Danube River. International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River, Vienna: 93—106. [PDF]

Хубенов, З., 2021. Зоогеографско райониране на България. — Природа — БАН, 3: 62—70. [PDF]

Todorov, M., Trichkova, T., Hubenov, Z., Jurajda, P., 2020. Faxonius limosus (Rafinesque, 1817) (Decapoda: Cambaridae), a New Invasive Alien Species of European Union Concern in Bulgaria. — Acta zoologica bulgarica, 72 (1): 113—121. [PDF]

Todorov, M., Kenderov, M., Botev, I., Hubenov, Z., Trichkova, T., 2020. First Records of Pectinatella magnifica (Leidy, 1851) (Bryozoa: Plumatellida: Pectinatellidae) in the Bulgarian Shoreline Zone of the Danube River. — Acta zoologica bulgarica, 72 (4): 611—617. [PDF]

Barta, M., Horáková, M. K., Georgieva, M., Mirchev, P., Zaemdzhikova, G., Pilarska, D., Takov, D., Todorov, M., Hubenov, Z., Pilarski, P., Georgiev, G., 2020. Entomopathogenic Fungi (Ascomycota: Hypocreales) as Natural Antagonists of the Pine Processionary Moth Thaumetopoea pityocampa (Denis & Schiffermüller, 1775) (Lepidoptera: Notodontidae) in Bulgaria. — Acta zoologica bulgarica, Suppl. 15: 89—96. [PDF]

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