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— 29 July 2015
Националният природонаучен музей при БАН на 125 години [125 years National Museum of Natural History, BAS]
Николай Спасов; Силвия Тошева [Nikolai Spassov; Silvia Tosheva]

pp. 3–8

— views: 48
A new stygobiotic snail species from North Bulgaria
Dilian Georgiev; Peter Glöer

pp. 9–11

— views: 63
Два нови тома от каталога на акарите в света [Two new volumes of the World catalogue of mites]
Алекси Попов [Alexi Popov]

p. 12

— views: 42
Terrestrial gastropods (Mollusca, Gastropoda) of Strandzha Mountains and the Black Sea Coast
Atanas Irikov; Ivelin Mollov

pp. 13–48

— views: 56
Species composition of the free living multicellular invertebrate animals (Metazoa: Invertebrata) from the Bulgarian sector of the Black Sea and the coastal brackish basins
Zdravko Hubenov

pp. 49–168

— views: 95
Comparative study of the invertebrate cave faunas of Southeast Asia and New Guinea
Petar Beron

pp. 169–210

— views: 77
Dermaptera (Insecta), identified by A. Brindle and preserved in the collections of the National Museum of Natural History (Sofia)
Petar Beron

pp. 211–213

— views: 70
In memoriam Димитър Ковачев (1928–2013) [In memoriam Dimitar Kovachev (1928–2013)]
Николай Спасов [Nikolai Spassov]

p. 214

— views: 46
Two-winged insects (Insecta: Diptera) of Pirin
Zdravko Hubenov

pp. 215–256

— views: 65
Quantitative comparison of the complexes of terrestrial arthropods (Arthropoda) in two caves, located in different karst regions in Western Rhodopes mountains, Bulgaria
Stanimira Deleva; Dilian Georgiev

pp. 257–266

— views: 65
Some new data on the distribution, habitats and ecology of the threatened European mustelids Mustela eversmanii and Vormela peregusna in Bulgaria
Vasil Ivanov; Nikolai Spassov

pp. 267–271

— views: 68
Ново обобщение на биоразнообразието на Западните Родопи [A new synthesis of Western Rhodopes biodiversity]
Златозар Боев [Zlatozar Boev]

p. 272

— views: 39

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