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Terrestrial gastropods (Mollusca, Gastropoda) of Strandzha Mountains and the Black Sea Coast

Atanas Irikov; Ivelin Mollov

29 July 2015 · volume 21 · pp. 13–48 · PDF [full text]

Abstract: The current synopsis presents an overview of the terrestrial malacofauna of Strandzha Mountain in Bulgaria and Turkey, based on previously published and new data. As a result of the research we recorded 101 species and subspecies of terrestrial molluscs belonging to 27 families. The data on the terrestrial malacofauna from the Turkish part of Strandzha is entirely new and presented here for the first time. The synopsis includes a list of synonymous species and subspecies concerning the area of research, all known localities, new localities reported for 50 taxa, systematic and environmental data. For the first time a zoogeographical and conservation analysis of the terrestrial snails is made.

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