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List of type specimens in National Museum of Natural History, BAS — Invertebrates Collection (NMNHS-INV) (3)

 Lepthyphantes pirini Drensky, 1929
(family Linyphiidae)
— type [identifier: NMNHSINV0021]
 Linyphia phrigiana var. pirini Drensky, 1921
(family Linyphiidae)
— syntypes [identifier: NMNHSINV0022]
 Drassus pirini Drensky, 1921
(family Gnaphosidae)
— syntypes [identifier: NMNHSINV0023]
 Theridium peristerensis Drensky,
(family Theridiidae)
— type [identifier: NMNHSINV0024]
 Hogna (Tarentula) macedonica Drensky, 1929
(family Lycosidae)
— type [identifier: NMNHSINV0025]
 Tarentula konstantinovi Drensky, 1929
(family Lycosidae)
— syntypes [identifier: NMNHSINV0026]
 Agroeca exortus Drensky, 1929
(family Liocranidae)
— type [identifier: NMNHSINV0027]
 Poecilochroa ochridana Drensky, 1929
(family Gaphosidae)
— syntypes [identifier: NMNHSINV0028]
 Prosthesima bitolensis Drensky, 1929
(family Gaphosidae)
— type [identifier: NMNHSINV0029]
 Theridion adrianopoli Drensky, 1915
(family Theridiidae)
— type [identifier: NMNHSINV0030]
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