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List of type specimens in National Museum of Natural History, BAS — Invertebrates Collection (NMNHS-INV) (2)

 Troglohyphantes bulgarianus Drensky, 1931
(family Linyphiidae)
— paralectotype [identifier: NMNHSINV0011]
 Lepthyphantes slivnensis Drensky, 1931
(family Linyphiidae)
— type [identifier: NMNHSINV0012]
 Troglohyphantes trnovensis Drenslky, 1931
(family Linyphiidae)
— paralectotype [identifier: NMNHSINV0013]
 Troglohyphantes lakatnikensis Drensky, 1931
(family Linyphiidae)
— lectotype [identifier: NMNHSINV0014]
 Troglohyphantes lakatnikensis Drensky, 1931
(family Linyphiidae)
— lectotype [identifier: NMNHSINV0015]
 Troglohyphantes rhodopensis Drensky, 1931
(family Linyphiidae)
— type [identifier: NMNHSINV0016]
 Micaria turcica Drensky, 1915
(family Gnaphosidae)
— type [identifier: NMNHSINV0017]
 Theridium cornutum Jurinitch & Drensky, 1917
(family Theridiidae)
— type [identifier: NMNHSINV0018]
 Heliophanus flavipes var. nigripes Jurinitsch & Drensky, 1917
(family Salticidae)
— type [identifier: NMNHSINV0019]
 Theridium pirini Drensky, 1921
(family Theridiidae)
— syntypes [identifier: NMNHSINV0020]
— 598 records
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