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List of type specimens in Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research, BAS — Paleobotanical Collection (IBER-PB) (5)

Persea protobalcanica Palamarev [holotype]Persea protobalcanica Palamarev
(family Lauraceae)
— holotype [identifier: IBERPBXX0041]
Pinus palaeorhodopensis Palamarev [holotype]Pinus palaeorhodopensis Palamarev
(family Pinaceae)
— holotype [identifier: IBERPBXX0042]
Prunus attenuatifolia Palamarev & Petkova [holotype]Prunus attenuatifolia Palamarev & Petkova
(family Rosaceae)
— holotype [identifier: IBERPBXX0043]
Stewartia stefanovii Palam. & Bozukov [holotype]Stewartia stefanovii Palam. & Bozukov
(family Theaceae)
— holotype [identifier: IBERPBXX0044]
Bauhinia bulgarica Kitanov fil. [holotype]Bauhinia bulgarica Kitanov fil.
(family Fabaceae)
— holotype [identifier: IBERPBXX0045]
Hydrangea palaeopirinica Palamarev [holotype]Hydrangea palaeopirinica Palamarev
(family Hydrangeaceae)
— holotype [identifier: IBERPBXX0046]
Playcarya palaeostrabilaceae Palamarev [holotype]Playcarya palaeostrabilaceae Palamarev
(family Juglandaceae)
— holotype [identifier: IBERPBXX0047]
Symplocos brežanii Palamarev [holotype]Symplocos brežanii Palamarev
(family Symplocaceae)
— holotype [identifier: IBERPBXX0048]
Crataegus integrifolia Palamarev [holotype]Crataegus integrifolia Palamarev
(family Rosaceae)
— holotype [identifier: IBERPBXX0049]
 Quercophyllum brežanii Palamarev & Rüffle
(family Fagaceae)
— holotype [identifier: IBERPBXX0050]
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