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Staff publications

Dimitar Uzunov [publications] (2)

Peruzzi, L., Passalacqua, N. G., Gargano, D., Uzunov, D., 2004. Segnalazioni floristiche italiane: 1099. — Inf. Bot. Ital., 36 (1): 78—78.

Brullo, S., Gangale, C., Uzunov, D., 2004. The orophilous cushion-like vegetation of the Sila Massif (S Italy). — Bot. Jahrb. Syst., 125/4: 543—488.

Uzunov, D., Raimondo, F. M., 2003. Comparative analysis of North Pirin Mt. and Madonia Mt. floras. — Bocconea, 16 (2): 771—781.

Uzunov, D., Gussev, Ch., 2003. High mountain flora of Bulgaria — statistics, ecological characteristics and phytogeography. — Bocconea, 16 (2): 763—770.

Gussev, Ch., Uzunov, D., Bosseva, Yu., Stoeva, T., Stanilova, M., Burnus, M., 2003. Conservation of Leucojum aestivum l. (Amaryllidaceae) in Bulgaria. — Bocconea, 16 (2): 815—821.

Gangale, C., Uzunov, D., 2003. Floristic composition of traditional olive grove in Ionian Coast of South Italy. — Bocconea, 16 (2): 783—792.

Uzunov, D., Gussev, Ch., Apostolov, K., 2002. Chorological data for some plant species with conservation value in the Eastern Rhodopes Mt. (South-East Bulgaria). — Proceedings of VI Symposium on Flora of Southeastern Serbia, Sokobanja, pp. 47—55.

Anchev, M., Uzunov, D., 2002. Alyssum orbelicum, a new high-mountainous species of sect. Odontarrhena (Brassicaceae) from South-western Bulgaria. — Phytologia Balcanica, 8 (1): 25—30.

Gussev, C., Petkov, T., Uzunov, D., 2000. National park Central Balkan. “Medical plants in the park”. — Graphis B.

Gussev, C., Petkov, T., Uzunov, D., 2000. National park Central Balkan. “Cultivation of medical plants”. — Graphis B.

Anchev, M., Georgiev, V., Gussev, Ch., Uzunov, D., 1999. List of the vascular plants of Black Sea Coast, Eastern Stara Planina Mt. & Stranzha Mt. Field guide for IX International Expedition OPTIMA 1999. Black sea coast Bulgaria. — Institute of Botany, BAS, Sofia, pp. 46.

Uzunov, D., Gussev, Ch., Denchev, C., Apostolov, K., 1998. Notes on the distribution of Serapias vomeracea (Burm.) Briq. (Orchidaceae) in the Eastern Rhodopes. — Phytologia Balcanica, 4 (3): 115—119.

Gussev, Ch., Uzunov, D., Denchev, C., Apostolov, K., 1998. New chorological data for the flora of Eastern Rhodope. — Phytologia Balcanica, 4 (1—2): 187—195.

Gussev, Ch., Uzunov, D., Denchev, C., Apostolov, K., 1998. Floristic studies of the reserve “Valchi Dol” (the Eastern Rhodopes Mts.). — Proceedings Jubilee Scientific Conference '70-th Anniversary of the Forest Research Institute' 6—7 October 1988, Sofia.

Uzunov, D., 1997. New chorological data for the flora of the North Pirin mountain. — Phytologia Balcanica, 3 (2—3): 221—222.

Uzunov, D., 1997. Endemic plants on granitic terrains of the North Pirin mountain — ecological and phytogeographical remarks. — Historia naturalis bulgarica, 8: 127—136.

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