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Staff publications

Nia Toshkova [publications]

Zhelyazkova, V., Hubancheva, A., Toshkova, N., Radoslavov, G., Puechmaille, S., (in press). Did you wash your caving suit? Cavers’ role in the potential spread of Pseudogymnoascus destructans, the causative agent of White-Nose Disease. — International Journal of Speleology.

Franziska Günter, F., Beaulieu, M., Freiberg, K. F., Welzel, I., Toshkova, N., Žagar, A., Simčič, T., Fischer, K., 2020. Genotype-environment interactions rule the response of a widespread butterfly to temperature variation. — Journal of Evolutionary Biology. doi:10.1111/JEB.13623

Zhelyazkova, V., Toshkova, N., Goranov, S., 2016. Bats and Caves. — In: Speleological Studies of Caves in Godech Municipality (Part 1), Association of Speleoclubs in Sofia, Sofia, 51—62. [PDF]

Toshkova, N., Zhelyazkova, V., 2016. Expedition Hawaii. — BBC Knowledge Bulgaria, 72.

Toshkova, N., Zhelyazkova, V., 2016. Cave fungi. — In: Speleological Studies of Caves in Godech Municipality. Part 1. Sofia

Toshkova, N. L., Zhelyazkova, V. L., Puechmaille, S., Uzunov, B. A., Stoyneva-Gärtner, M. P., 2016. Review of the current status and future perspectives on Pseudogymnoascus destructans studies with reference to the species findings in Bulgaria. — Ann. Univ. Sof. 100 (2).

Petrov, B., Alexandrova, I., Karadakov, V., Georgieva, T., Toshkova, N., Zhelyazkova, V., 2014. Bats (Mammalia: Chiroptera) in Ponor Special Protection Area (Natura 2000), Western Bulgaria: Species Diversity and Distribution. — Acta zoologica bulgarica, 65 (Suppl. 5): 117—128.

Zhelyazkova, V., Toshkova, N., 2011. A Story about a Museum and Something More... — Ecology, Biology and Biotechnology, 6/2011: 72—78.

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