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Euphydryas maturna
Euphydryas maturna (Photo: M. Rowlings, June 2006).

Euphydryas maturna

(Linnaeus, 1758)
Status — Habitats Directive 92_43 | Annex II Red Data Book | European butterflies Bern Convention | Appendix II CORINE biotopes

Widely dispersed colonies exist in Central and Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Urals, East Kazakhstan, South and West Siberia, Transbaikalia and Mongolia. In Bulgaria distributed only in the north-eastern part. The species was included in Appendix II of the Habitats Directive 92/43 of the European Union and in Appendix II of the Bern Convention. It is listed as vulnerable in Red Data Book of European butterflies (van Swaay & Warren, 1999: 164).


MJ45: Seslav [Village], Razgrad District, 43.867N, 26.367E: [200 m] (Abadjiev & Beshkov, 2003: 35) • MJ61: Razgrad [Town], 43.567N, 26.517E: [200 m] (Markowitsch, 1909: 9) • MJ72: Samuil (3 km N) [Village], Razgrad District: [300 m] (Abadjiev & Beshkov, 2003: 35) • MJ75: Sushevo [Village], Razgrad District, 43.817N, 26.633E: [200 m] (Abadjiev, 1995: 75, Pl. XXX, 127) • NH68: Dobrogled [Village], Varna District, 43.267N, 27.767E: 200—250 m (Abadjiev & Beshkov, 2003: 36) • NJ15: Cherkovna [Village], Silistra District, 43.85N, 27.183E: [200 m] (Abadjiev & Beshkov, 2003: 34) • NJ44: Dryanovets [Village], Dobrich District, 43.71667N, 27.56667E: [200 m] (Abadjiev & Beshkov, 2003: 34).

UTM map of the known distribution of Euphydryas maturna in Bulgaria
UTM map of the known distribution of Euphydryas maturna in Bulgaria.