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Dr Rostislav Bekchiev. Photo: (c) S. Abadjiev
Dr Rostislav Bekchiev. Photo: (c) S. Abadjiev

Rostislav Bekchiev

(Associate Professor Dr)
phone: (+359 2) 9885116 (ext. 662); e-mail:

Born: 10 March 1976.


Master of Sciense in Ecology and Entomology — Sofia University ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’, Faculty of Biology, Department of Zoology and Anthropology, 2002. PhD student in Invertebrate zoology — Sofia University ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’, 2003—2007.

Research interests

Taxonomy and faunistics of Pselaphinae (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae). Biomonitoring and Nature protection.

Current projects

Cybertaxonomic approach to phylogenetic studies of model invertebrate genera (Invertebrata, Arachnida, Insecta) clarifyng the problems of origin, formation and conservation of the Invertebrate Fauna of the Balkan Peninsula (National Science Fund, Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Bulgaria, Grant KP-06-Н21/1-17.12.2018)
Investigation and definition of High conservation value forest regarding the biodiversity aspect — part fauna — beetles, butterflies, amphibian and reptiles on the territory of: Ardino State Forest Management Unit (SFMU), Krumovgrad SFMU, Momchilgrad SFMU, Zhenda State Hunting Management Unit and Zlatograd SFMU. 2018—2019. WWF and NMNHS.

Most recent publications

Bekchiev, R., Antov, M., Boyadzhiev, P., Zaemdzhikova, G., Kostova, R., Guéorguiev, B., 2022. Carabus variolosus (Fabricius, 1787) (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in Bulgaria: rediscovered after 111 years. — Historia naturalis bulgarica, 44 (10): 119—123. [PDF] doi:10.48027/hnb.44.103

Bekchiev, R., Crevecoeur, L., Gielen, K., Bosmans, B., Smets, K., Kostova, R., 2020. One Hundred Years of Solitude: Rediscovery of the Rare and Protected Beetle Rhysodes sulcatus (Fabricius, 1787) (Coleoptera: Rhysodidae) in Bulgaria. — Acta zoologica bulgarica, (in print) published online at http://www.acta-zoologica-bulgarica.eu/002372.

Асенова, А., Лангуров, М., Симов, Н., Бекчиев, Р., 2020. Бъдете равни с природата. Учебно помагало за деца от предучилищна възраст. — Община Кюстендил, Национален природонаучен музей—БАН, София, 56 с. [PDF]

Асенова, А., Лангуров, М., Симов, Н., Бекчиев, Р., 2020. Будите једнаки са природом. Кратка образовна књижица за децу предшколског узраста. — Општина Ћустендил, Национални природњачки музеј—БАН, Софија, 55 с. [PDF]

Ćurčić, S., Pavićević, D., Radović, D., Vesović, N., Bekchiev, R., Ćurčić, N., Guéorguiev, B., 2019. Current and predicted distribution of the rare and threatened beetle Bolbelasmus (Bolbelasmus) unicornis (Coleoptera: Geotrupidae) in Serbia. — European Journal of Entomology, 116: 413—424. doi:10.14411/eje.2019.042

Kostova, R., Bekchiev, R., Beshkov, S., 2019. Coleoptera and Lepidoptera (Insecta) diversity in the central part of Sredna Gora Mountains (Bulgaria). — Bulletin of the Entomological Society of Malta, 10: 75—95. [PDF]

Langourov, M., Simov, N., Bekchiev, R., Chobanov, D., Antonova, V., Dedov, I., 2018. Inventory of Selected Groups of Invertebrates in Sedge and Reedbeds not Associated with Open Waters in Bulgaria. — Acta zoologica bulgarica, 70 (4): 487—500. [PDF]

Bekchiev, R., Guéorguiev, B., Kostova, R., Chehlarov, E., Sivilov, O., 2018. New Records of Rare and Threatened Beetles (Insecta: Coleoptera) in Bulgaria. — Acta zoologica bulgarica, 70 (4): 501—506.

Sabella, G., Bekchiev, R., Kostova, R., 2017. Pselaphinae (Coleoptera Staphylinidae) from Sicily and Calabria (Italy). Results from a short entomological expedition in April, 2015. — 3rd International Congress 'Biodiversity, Mediterranean, Society', September 4th—6th 2015, Volume 8. Biodiversity Journal, Noto-Vendicari (Italy). 185—192 pp. [PDF]

Bekchiev, R., Sivilov, O., Kostova, R., Lapeva-Gjonova, A., 2017. Distribution of Amorphocephala coronata (Germar, 1817) (Coleoptera: Brentidae) in Bulgaria. — ZooNotes, 104: 1—3. [PDF]

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