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Stefaniya Kamenova
Stefaniya Kamenova

Stefaniya Kamenova

(Senior Assistant, Dr)


PhD (Ecology) — University of Poitiers, France (2013)
MSc (Ecology) — University of Rennes 1, France (2010)
BSc (Biology) — Côte d’Azur University, France (2008)

Research interests

Trophic ecology, food webs, diet analysis, molecular ecology, eDNA, DNA metabarcoding, mammals, carabid beetles, agroecosystems, high Arctic.

Field experience

France (2010—2015), Canada (2016), Norway (2018), Russia (2017, 2019), Svalbard (2018, 2021, 2022), Bulgaria (2020—).

Most recent publications

Soininen, E. M., Barrio, I., Bjørkås, R., Björnsdóttir, K., Ehrich, D., Hopping, K., Kaarlejärvi, E., Kolstad, A., Sokovina, S., Björk, R., Bueno, G., Eischeid, I., Finger, R., Forbey, J., Gignac, C., Gilg, O., den Herder, M., Hoset, K., Hwang, B., Jepsen, J. U., Kamenova, S., Kater, I., Koltz, A., Kristensen, J., Little, C., Macek, P., Mathisen, K. M., Metcalfe, D., Mosbacher, J., Mörsdorf, M., Park, T., Propster, J., Roberts, A., Sainnemekh, S., Serrano, E., Spiegel, M., Søndergaard, H., Tamayo, M., Tuomi, M., Verma, M., Vuorinen, K., Väisänen, M., van der Wal, R., Wilcots, M., Yoccoz, N., Speed, J. D. M., 2021. The effects of herbivory on Arctic vegetation: a systematic map of the evidence. — Environmental Evidence, 7: 23.

Neby, M., Kamenova, S., Devineau, O., Ims, R. A., Soininen, E. M., 2021. Issues of under-representation in quantitative DNA metabarcoding weaken the inference about diet of the tundra vole Microtus oeconomus. — PeerJ, 9: e11936.

Stewart, D., Nisole, A., Kyei-Poku, G., Nadeau, M., Trudeau, S., Huron, P., Djoumad, A., Kamenova, S., Smith, M. A., Eveleigh, E., Johns, R., Martel, V., Cusson, M., 2020. Identification of spruce budworm natural enemies using a qPCR-based molecular sorting approach. — Forests, 11: 621.

Tixier, P., Carval, D., Kamenova, S., Martin, J.-F., Vinatier, F., Rusch, A., 2019. Interaction networks within agricultural landscapes. — Paysage, Biodiversité et Santé des Plantes, ed. QUAE.

Kamenova, S., Mayer, R., Rubbmark, O. R., Coissac, E., Plantegenest, M., Traugott, M., 2018. Comparing three types of dietary samples for prey DNA decay in an insect generalist predator. — Molecular Ecology Resources, 18: 966—973.

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Kamenova, S., Polin, S. E., Leroux, C., Plantegenest, M., 2017. Community-wide stable isotope ratios reveal contrasted trophic pathways in agricultural landscapes. — Bulletin of Entomological Research, 108: 130—139.

Kamenova, S., Bartley, T., Bohan, D. A., Boutain, J. R., Colautti, R. I., Domaizon, I., Fontaine, C., Lemainque, A., LeViol, I., Mollot, G., Perga, M.-E., Ravigné, V., Massol, F., 2017. Invasions toolkit: current methods for tracking the spread and impact of invasive species. — Advances in Ecological Research, 56: 85—182.

Vacher, C., Tamaddoni-Nezhad, A., Kamenova, S., Peyrard, N., Moalic, Y., Sabbadin, R., Schwaller, L., Chiquet, J., Smith, M. A., Vallance, J., Fievet, V., Jakuschkin, B., Bohan, D. A., 2016. Learning ecological networks from next-generation sequencing data. — Advances in Ecological Research, 54: 1—39.

Kamenova, S., Tougeron, K., Cateine, M., Marie, A., Plantegenest, M., 2015. Behavioural-driven micro-scale niche differentiation in carabid beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae). — Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata, 155: 39—46.

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