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Rhyopsocus ugandanus Georgiev, 2023

Taxon rank: species
Nomenclatural code: ICZN

Original publication: Georgiev D. 2023 On the Rhyopsocus Hagen, 1876 (Insecta: Psocoptera) of East Africa with a description of two new species. Historia naturalis bulgarica 45: 31–37.

Type locality: Uganda: ‘Buvi Village area, a small peninsula at Lake Viktoria NW of Entebbe Town, banana (Musa sp.) plantation, NE of Buvi Lodge, from fallen village weaver Ploceus cucullatus (Müller, 1776) nests beneath a date palm (Phoenix sp.), N0.12306° E32.45378°, 1133 m a.s.l.’.

Higher classification

Genus: Rhyopsocus
Family: Psoquillidae
Order: Psocodea
Class: Insecta
Kingdom: Animalia

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