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Creoleon nigrithorax Prost, 2021

Taxon rank: species
Nomenclatural code: ICZN

Original publication: Prost A., Popov A. 2021 A first comprehensive inventory of Ascalaphidae, Palparidae, and Myrmeleontidae (Insecta: Neuroptera) of Northeastern Nigeria with description of two new species and an overview of genus Bankisus Navás. Historia naturalis bulgarica 43: 51–77.

Type locality: Burkina Faso: ‘Bodadiougou, forest gallery, River Comoe, Banfora administrative circonscription, 10°40′N, 4°52′W’.

Higher classification

Genus: Creoleon
Family: Myrmeleontidae
Order: Neuroptera
Class: Insecta
Kingdom: Animalia

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