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Archipsocus michamwiensis n. sp. – a new species of Psocoptera (Insecta) from Zanzibar (Tanzania)

Dilian Georgiev https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2885-4895

2 April 2024 · volume 46 · (issue 4) · pp. 99–102 · PDF [full text]

Abstract: This paper describes Archipsocus michamwiensis n. sp., a new species from the family Archipsocidae collected in Zanzibar, Tanzania. The single female (holotype) is macropterous and exhibits distinct reddish-brown colouration, and equal-length tarsal segments. Morphological measurements highlight features such as short antennae and a V-shaped pigmented area on the subgenital plate.

Keywords: Archipsocus, Tanzania, Zanzibar

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Archipsocus michamwiensis Georgiev, 2024

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Georgiev D. 2024 Archipsocus michamwiensis n. sp. – a new species of Psocoptera (Insecta) from Zanzibar (Tanzania). Historia naturalis bulgarica 46: 99–102.

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