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Chauvireria bulgarica sp. n. — an extinct Early Pleistocene small phasianid of Phasianinae Horsfield, 1821 from Bulgaria

Zlatozar Boev https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8049-7509

6 July 2020 · volume 41 · [issue 8] · pp. 55–70 · PDF [full text]

Abstract: A new species of small phasianid is described, based on 54 bone findings of 21 skeletal elements of forelimb and pectoral girdle (9) and hindlimb and pelvic girdle (12) representing at least four individuals. The holotype is the scapula. The new species differs from the type species (Chauvireria balcanica Boev, 1998) of the genus by: (1) the longer acromion scapulae, which is more upright and dorsally instead of cranially directed, (2) the thinner humeral part of the coracoid, and (3) the wider condylus dorsalis of the humerus. The species probably inhabited rocky, open shrubby and dry habitats in the middle Villafranchian (Villanyian; first half of MNQ 18 a; 2.1–1.95 Mya) in western Bulgaria.

Keywords: Quaternary birds, Slivnitsa locality, Villafranchian fauna, Villanyian

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Chauvireria bulgarica Boev, 2020

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Boev Z. 2020 Chauvireria bulgarica sp. n. — an extinct Early Pleistocene small phasianid of Phasianinae Horsfield, 1821 from Bulgaria. Historia naturalis bulgarica 41: 55–70.

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