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Molluscs (Mollusca) (Terrestrial Gastropods and Freshwater Gastropods et Bivalvia) in Sakar Mountain (Bulgaria)

Atanas Irikov; Georgi Gerdzhikov

29 December 2016 · volume 23 · pp. 195–206 · PDF [full text]

Abstract: This paper presents new data on the Mollusca in Sakar Mountain in Bulgaria. As a result of the research conducted a total number of 59 terrestrial and 14 freshwater species and subspecies of molluscs, of which 45 are terrestrial and 14 freshwater, belonging to 22 families have been identified. For the first time 27 taxa are reported in the fauna of Sakar Mountain: 21 terrestrial and six freshwater species and subspecies. For the first time a zoogeographical and conservation analysis has been conducted of the accessible malacofauna.

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