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Sur une nouvelle espèce du genre Niphargus de la Turquie — Niphargus turcicus n. sp. (Amphipoda, Niphargidae)

Stoitze Andreev; Lyubomir Kenderov

29 February 2012 · volume 20 · pp. 47–56 · PDF [full text]

Abstract: A new species of Amphipoda, Niphargidae — Niphargus turcicus n.sp. is described in the present study. Found in two caves in the northern part of Central Turkey, the new species doubtlessly belongs to the group “stygius-puteanus” (Straškraba, 1972) judging from the structure and form of gnathopods 1, 2, pereiopod 3-7, number of bristles on the internal lobus of maxilla 1, and the general look of telson. It differs from all species of the “stygius-puteanus” group by the extremely strongly developed uropod 1, which is equal in length to the differential uropod 3. N. turcicus is most similar to the species N. costozze (Schellenberg, 1936) and N. krameri (Schellenberg, 1936) of the “stygius-puteanus” group. The differences are established in coxal plates, which are wider than long in males, the telson’s structure and chaetotaxy, and the uropod 1. The new species differs from both species in the relatively short dactylus of pereiopod 3-7.

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Niphargus turcicus Andreev & Kenderov, 2012

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