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Spiders from the Skopje region: a faunistic and zoogeographical analysis

Dusica Stefanovska; Maria Naumova; Dana Prelik; Christo Deltshev; Stoyan Lazarov

29 December 2008 · volume 19 · pp. 35–49 · PDF [full text]

Abstract: 118 species from 67 genera and 17 families have been found in the region of Skopje City. 31 species are new for the spider fauna of Macedonia. The spiders are classified into 16 zoogeographical categories combined in 5 chorological complexes. the faunal composition shows a Palearctic and European character for the Skopje region spider fauna. endemics and Southeast European species emphasise the local character of this fauna, but its low percentage suggests an important process of colonization.

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