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Стоице Андреев на 70 години [Stoitse Andreev at 70 years of age]

Петър Берон [Petar Beron]

21 December 2007 · volume 18 · pp. 5–14 · PDF [full text]

Abstract: [no abstract available originally]

[Summary]: Dr. Stoitse Andreev is a prominent Bulgarian carcinologist and biospeleologist. Born on July 8th 1937 in Sofia, he graduated from the University of Sofia as a zoologist and hydrobiologist. For many years he has studied the caves and cave animals in Bulgaria and other countries, also the hyporheic fauna, the mountain lakes and the sea creatures. St. Andreev became specialist of Isopoda and Amphipoda of the Balkan Peninsula, describing one new genus and many new species, mostly Isopoda Oniscidea (28 species from Bulgaria and Greece) and Anthuridea (2 new species from Sarawak and Papua New Guinea), also 3 new taxa of Amphipoda. He published 72 scientific papers and is still working on Isopoda Oniscidea. Half of his papers deal with biochemistry of sea weeds and animals (sterols and other active substances in Porifera, Bryozoa, Coelenterata, Mollusca, Tunicata). St. Andreev retired in 2002 after many years of work in the National Museum of Natural History in Sofia. He was head of the Department of Non-insect Invertebrates (1993-2002) and Scientific Secretary (1994-1999) of the Museum (Dr. since 1988, Assoc. Professor since 1988). From 1971 to 1983 Dr. Andreev was member of the Board of the Bulgarian Federation of Speleology. Having accumulated knowledge and experience in some of the leading museums in Europe and Cuba, St. Andreev was very useful for consulting the projects for new expositions in the museums in Sofia and elsewhere. He was also consultant in many projects for protected territories. St. Andreev enjoys the esteem and sympathy of his colleagues and is recognized by many foreign specialists. We all wish him many years of good health and new discoveries.

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