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Contribution to the flora of the Rhodopes and the Thracian plain

Antoaneta Petrova; Diana Venkova; Desislava Sopotlieva

15 April 2006 · volume 17 · pp. 27–33 · PDF [full text]

Abstract: New chorological data for 21 species are reported. New for the Rhodopes floristic region are 7 taxa, while there are 4 new ones for the Eastern Rhodopes subregion. New for the Thracian plain floristic region are 3 species, other 2 species are confirmed for this region. Two of them, Mediterranean ones (Silene lydia Boiss. and Logfia gallica (L.) Coss. et Germ.), are rare for Bulgaria. Altogether, data on 8 rare or protected species are given.

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