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Check list of Bulgarian carrion beetles (Coleoptera: Silphidae)

Borislav Guéorguiev; Jan Ruzicka

31 December 2002 · volume 15 · pp. 89–112 · PDF [full text]

Abstract: A bibliographical review of Bulgarian carrion beetles has been made. Besides, more than 370 new finds from over 200 localities have been added to 21 species. Five of them, being rare species or species long ago cited (Aelypea opaca (Linnaeus, 1758), Necrodes littoralis (Linnaeus, 1758), Silpha olivieri Bedel, 1887, Nicrophorus antennatus (Reitter, 1884) and Nicrophorus sepulchralis Heer, 1841), are confirmed for the country. Two species, the West-Mediterranean Silpha puncticollis Lucas, 1846 and the East-Mediterranean Ablattaria arenaria (Kraatz, 1876), are excluded from the list. The latter one is indicated (in the literature) as occurring in the East Balkans without exact locality. Except for it, Silpha tristis Illiger, 1798 and Thanatophilus dispar (Herbst, 1793), known from single records, need further confirmation. As a result, 23 carrion beetles have been reliably established in Bulgaria. The chorotypes of all species and subspecies are given.

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