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Видов състав и зоогеографска характеристика на сухоземната черупчеста малакофауна (Mollusca: Gastropoda) в Добростанския дял от Западни Родопи с екологични бележки [Species composition and zoogeographical characterization of the terrestrial shell malacofauna (Mollusca: Gastropoda) in the Dobrostanski ridge of the Western Rhodopes with ecological notes]

Атанас Ириков [Atanas Irikov]

10 June 2002 · volume 14 · pp. 89–102 · PDF [full text]

Abstract: [no abstract available originally]

[Summary]: In the Dobrostanski ridge of the Western Rhodopes there are 61 species and 8 subspecies of terrestrial shell gastropods established, which belong to 22 families. Five species in the investigated region are reported for the first time, four of which are new for the Rhodopes. The species are divided into 5 groups (from I to V) depending on the frequency of occurrence in the analyzed samples and conditional categories for designation of frequency of occurrence are introduced. The distribution of species within these categories is as follows: group 1-9 rare species with established localities; group II — 23 species with low occurrence frequency; group III — 13 species with low to middle frequency of occurrence; group IV — 6 frequently occurring species; group V — 10 species with high to common occurrence frequency. The ecological type of species in relation to their requirements to humidity and temperature is indicated. The mesohygrophilic forms, most of which are mesotherm, others cool-loving and (or) cool-resistant (20 species) and xerophilic and xeromesophilic (17 species), are predominant. The malacofauna in the Dobrostanski ridge is composed of three zoogeographical complexes (Siberian, European, Southwestern Asiatic) and Endemics. The Middle European and submediterranean zoogeographical elements of the European zoogeographical complex are clearly predominant. Twelve endemic taxa are established: 6 endemics for the Balkan peninsula; endemics for Bulgaria, 3 of which are found only in the central parts of the Rhodopes.

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