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Алекси Попов на 60 години [Dr Alexi Popov at sixty years of age]

Петър Берон [Petar Beron]

10 June 2002 · volume 14 · pp. 6–16 · PDF [full text]

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[Summary]: The prominent Bulgarian entomologist Dr Alexi Popov was born in Sofia on 7th of May 1942, as the grandson of Dr Ivan Buresch, founder of the former Royal Institutions of Natural History. He graduated from Sofia University in 1967, was a biologist and since 1971 a researcher in the Zoological Institute and Museum. After the restoration of the National Museum of Natural History in 1974 he became Head of the Zoology Department of the Museum (up to 1979), then Curator of the Insect Division of the same Museum (Doctor since 1986, Associate Professor since 1989). Ever since his first scientific publication (1958, at the age of 16), A. Popov has remained interested in several groups of insects, mainly Neuropteroid insects, on which he published 43 original papers, but also in Orthoptera, Lepidoptera, Blattodea and other orders (out of 90 scientific papers). He is now an internationally recognized specialist on these groups, having publications not only on Bulgarian fauna, but also on the fauna of Turkey, Hungary, Macedonia, Central Asia, Mongolia, Caucasus, Korea and other regions. His vast knowledge on various aspects of the entomofauna of Bulgaria could be seen in many of his papers on the zoogeography of Bulgaria, on the biodiversity and conservation value of the insects inhabiting the protected territories (Vitosha, Rila, Pirin, Dobrudja, Strandja, Kresna Gorge and others). The name of A. Popov is familiar to many European museums, where he studied insect collections and where he is now taking part in the international scientific life. A. Popov is also a member of many scientific bodies in Bulgaria, a secretary or member of editorial boards of scientific journals and head of the entomological research in the National Museum of Natural History in Sofia. On his 60th birthday his colleagues wish him good health and many years of new scientific achievements.

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