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В памет на Делчо Илчев (1885–1925) [In memory of Delcho Ilchev (1885–1925)]

Стоян Лазаров [Stoyan Lazarov]

12 November 2001 · volume 13 · pp. 181–184 · PDF [full text]

Abstract: [no abstract available originally]

[Summary]: On 14 April 1925 Bulgaria and the Bulgarian science lost Delcho Ilchev, head of the Entomological Station at the Royal Institutes of Natural History. As a researcher Delcho Ilchev had a significant contribution to the investigation of the butterfly fauna of Sredna Gora Mts, Rodopi Mts, Strandzha Mts, Kresna Gorge along Struma River and Aitos area. He published over 35 scientific and popular papers on the Bulgarian fauna. Unfortunately, his tragic death put an end to his distinguished academic and public career. He was killed in an assassination attempt against King Boris III, while trying to save the King’s life.

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