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Нови данни за флората на Източни Родопи [New data of the flora of the Eastern Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria]

Антоанета Петрова; Ирина Герасимова; Диана Венкова [Antoaneta Petrova; Irina Gerassimova; Diana Venkova]

31 December 1999 · volume 10 · pp. 117–123 · PDF [full text]

Abstract: [no abstract available originally]

[Summary]: New chorological data for 23 taxa have been reported. A second locality of Silene lydia Boiss. in Bulgaria has been found. New for the Bulgarian part of the Rhodopes are 13 taxa: Lupinus angustifolius L., Polygala monspeliaca L., Bupleurum affine Said., Bupleurum baldense Turrsi subsp. gussonei (Arcang.) Tutin, Bupleurum flavum Forsk., Gaudinia fragilis (L.) Beauv., etc. New for the Eastern Rhodopes are 3 taxa: Dorycnium germanicum (Gremly) Rony, Silene lydia Boiss., etc. New localities of some relict, endemic or rare for Bulgaria species have been also found (Erica arborea L., Crucianella latifolia L.).

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