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Останки от стеноноиден кон от края на ранния плейстоцен при с. Върбешница, обл. Монтана [Remains of stenonoid horse from the end of Early Pleistocene from Varbeshnitsa Village, Distr. Montana (Bulgaria)]

Николай Илиев [Nikolai Iliev]

29 December 1997 · volume 8 · pp. 121–125 · PDF [full text]

Abstract: [no abstract available originally]

[Summary]: In 1993 in the stone quarry near Varbeshnitsa village, Distr. Montana, have been discovered for the first time in Bulgaria bone remains of a horse from the Cromerian. They include an upper molar (Mi or M2) and fragments of scapula, radius, tibia, metacarpus and metatarsus of a single specimen. Together with them have been found also metacarpus of a relatively big representative of Cervidae and an entire first phalanx of a small Bovidae species. The osteometric data of the horse from Varbeshnitsa are shown on Table 1. On the basis of reconstruction of tibia (length ca. 310 mm), following the methods of Kiesewalter and Witt has been found the size of the horse, tall at withers av. 128 — 129 cm (calculated according to both methods). The results of our analysis show that we are in presence of a relatively big teeth (for his size) small horse. Similarity with E. stenonis can be detected but our horse seems more gracile and lightly built and it is possible that he could be one of the predecessors of E. ferus (syn. E. gmelini) or E. hidruntinus.

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