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В памет на Бернхард Курциус [In memory of Bernhard Kurzius]

Надя Огнянова-Руменова [Nadja Ognjanova-Rumenova]

29 May 1997 · volume 7 · pp. 115–120 · PDF [full text]

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[Summary]: Bernhard Kurzius (4.V.1862–4.IV.1931) was a naturalist and one of the founders of the Zoological Garden in Sofia. He was born in Kalenberg, near Koburg. A great interest in zoology and hunting determined his future career. In 1887 he was appointed as a “Leibjager” of the Palace of Tzar Ferdinand in Sofia, in 1894 — as “Jägermeister” and since 1907 he was Director of the Zoological Garden, For nearly 40 years he has been organizing the king’s hunting programme. The collections of the Zoological Garden, Sofia, the gardens “Vrana”, “Euxinograd”, “Tzarska Bistritsa” were maintained under the guidance of B. Kurzius. The game-breeding farms Mechkyur and Krichim were also established by him.

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