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Костни останки от диви и домашни животни от праисторическото селище “Телиш-Редутите” при с. Телиш (Плевенско) [Bone remains of wild and domestic animals from the Telish-Redoutite prehistoric settlement near Telish (Pleven district)]

Георги Рибаров; Златозар Боев [Georgi Ribarov; Zlatozar Boev]

29 May 1997 · volume 7 · pp. 61–70 · PDF [full text]

Abstract: [no abstract available originally]

[Summary]: The species composition of animals of a Neolithic — Early Bronze Age (3450–3320 B.C.) settlement in central part of North Bulgaria is studied. A total of 16 species of wild and domestic mammals and 2 species of wild birds are established. Cervus elaphus, Bos primigenius and Sus scofa are the most often game. The remaining species are: Capreolus capreolus, Equus gmelini, Castor fiber, Meles meles, Cervus dama, Ursus arctos, Vulpes vulpes, Lepus europaeus, Aquila chrysaetos, and Phasianidae gen. et sp. indet. The domestic animals are represented by 5 species: Bos taurus, Sus scrofa domestica, Ovis aries, Capra hircus and Canis familiaris. The sheeps and goats were represented by small breeds and they possibly were used for milk and meat. The domestic pigs were the main source of meat and a large share of them was killed as juveniles. The horses meat was used for food also and it was roasted on direct fire. A large variety of different kinds of tools (axes, hammers, awls, forked poles, hoes, mattocks, and spuds) were produced from deer horn. There were variable and favorable environmental conditions in the vicinity of the settlement: forest massifs, rocky complexes, openland grass and shrub terrains, hilly forms, river vallies, large rivers, etc. All these habitats were used for hunt by the ancient populations of the region.

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