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Фаунистично разнообразие на България — безгръбначни животни [Faunistic diversity of Bulgaria — Invertebrates]

Здравко Хубенов [Zdravko Hubenov]

31 December 1996 · volume 6 · pp. 11–16 · PDF [full text]

Abstract: [no abstract available originally]

[Summary]: The Bulgarian fauna has not been sufficiently investigated. So far, about 51% of the indigenous species are known. The species that have been found in Bulgaria till 1994 amount to 29000. According to a general study their number is expected to reach to about 56000 species. In the table, for each taxon the following data are presented: the species found till 1994, a hypothetic number of the species under a total study and the percentage of investigations at the moment.

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