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Малко известни имена от българската ботаника. Васил Ковачев [Little known names in Bulgarian botany. Vassil Kovachev]

Стефан Станев [Stefan Stanev]

27 December 1991 · volume 3 · pp. 117–122 · PDF [full text]

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[Summary]: Vassil T. Kovachev (1866-1926) was one of the first Bulgarian naturalists. He is the author of about 40 publications, two thirds of them in the field of zoology, where he has his major contributions. That is why he was better known as a zoologist and less as a botanist. His botanical studies are much more modest (11 papers), however considering the times when he worked, it places him among the pioneers of botanical studies in Bulgaria. This is the first attempt to present the botanical studies of V. Kovachev, which to this day is unknown even to specialists.

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