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100 години от рождението на Павел Патев — основоположника на съвременната орнитология в България [The centenary of the birth of Pavel Patev — the founder of contemporary Bulgarian ornithology]

Златозар Боев [Zlatozar Boev]

27 December 1991 · volume 3 · pp. 111–116 · PDF [full text]

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[Summary]: Pavel Patev, the ornithologist, is among of the outstanding naturalists in Bulgaria. The paper presents various aspects of Pavel Patev as a scientist and a public figure, citing notes and assessment of his work by Acad. Ivan Buresch the founder and Director of the National Museum of Natural History, James Harrison, one the most famous ornithologists of this century etc. Patev’s contribution as a protozoologist, phytopathologist, librarian, and curator of the Ornithological Section of the Museum of Natural History, founder of the Ornithological Ringing Centre. Director and founder of the Zoological Garden in Sofia, entomologist, naturalist, ornithologist etc. are discussed in brief. Special attention is given to his major work — the monograph “The Birds of Bulgaria” (1950), which laid the foundations of contemporary ornithological studies in Bulgaria.

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