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Ентомологичните колекции на Националния природонаучен музей при БАН [Entomological collections of the National Museum of Natural History at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences]

Алекси Попов [Alexi Popov]

27 December 1991 · volume 3 · pp. 23–36 · PDF [full text]

Abstract: [no abstract available originally]

[Summary]: First Period (1889-1904) since the foundation of the Museum of Natural History in Sofia: From its very foundation the museum housed the collection of Lepidoptera of Prince Ferdinand I. Other collections were acquired from other European countries, such as the Coleoptera collection of Count Amédée Alléon. The mu.seum had no exposition, no entomologists and no entomological research was carried out. Second Period (1905-1917) since the establishment of the Royal Entomological Station: The first entomologists began to collect insects from Bulgaria and the neighbouring Balkan countries. The insectarium bred pests, as well as insufficiently studied insects and exotic insects. The first exposition consisted only of Coleoptera and Lepidoptera. Research began at an initial stage, involving however only the faunistics and biology of Lepidoptera. Dr Ivan Buresch became curator of the Entomological Station. Third Period (1918-1946) since the formation of the Royal Institutes of Natural History: This period is characterized by considerable work on the gathering of material and the acquisition of the collections of the first Bulgarian entomologists N. Nedelkov, P. Chorbadzhiev, D. Yoakimov. A. Markovich. Both exposition and research include a growing number of insect groups. Taxonomic studies began, and numerous foreign entomologists contributed to scientific identification of the collections. Curators of the Entomological Station were Delcho Ilchev and Pencho Drensky. Fourth Period (1947-1973) since the inclusion of the Museum in the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences: Research was substantially reduced with the cut of its staff, however separate studies were of high standards. Further gathering of material for the collections decreased and was practically abandoned. Dr Neno Atanassov, Prof. Dr Krestju Tuleschkov and Georgi Peshev were responsible for the entomological collections. Fifth Period (since 1974) of the restoration of the status of an independent and national institution: For the first time special efforts were made for collecting insects beyond the Balkan Peninsula. Several groups were subject of taxonomic and faunistic studies in Bulgaria and other parts of Palaearctic Region. The collections of Dr S. Bocharov, J, Ganev, S. Zagorchinov, H. Lukov were acquired. Curator of Entomological Collections was Dr Alexi Popov. At present entomological collections number 480 000 specimens (1989).

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