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100 години орнитологични изследвания в България [One hundred years ornithological research in Bulgaria]

Златозар Боев [Zlatozar Boev]

30 April 1990 · volume 2 · pp. 25–35 · PDF [full text]

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[Summary]: The year 1988 marks the centenary of the printing of the first Bulgarian publication containing ornithological information ([Hristovich], 1888). A survey is made of the stages, the base, the trends and the degree to which the different aspects of Bulgarian birds have been studied. At present research is in progress in Bulgarian in 18 major trends: seasonal migration, spatial orientation, nest biology, urban ornithology, faunistics, distribution of the various bird species and groups, ornithogeography, distribution of the species in the past, history and formation of the avifauna, bone and exterior morphology, individual variability and sexual dimorphism (biometry), bioenergitics, parasitology and epidemiology, embryology and histology, biology of feeding and wintering. Bulgarian and foreign ornithologists specialized on birds in Bulgaria have published a total of 600-700 scientific publication in Bulgarian and foreign editions. The number of brief scientific communications exceeds 200, whereas popular science articles about Bulgarian birds (and about birds in general) exceed 3000. The need of publishing a specialized Bulgarian ornithological journal is most urgently felt. One of the most immediate tasks of ornithological research in Bulgaria is to expand studies on the ecology, propagation and reproduction of the rare and threatened species with a view to their protection and even their cage breeding in the country.

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