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Ихтиологичните колекции в Националния природонаучен музей в София [Ichthyological collections of the National Natural History Museum in Sofia]

Лиляна Михайлова [Liljana Michajlova]

28 February 1989 · volume 1 · pp. 22–28 · PDF [full text]

Abstract: [no abstract available originally]

[Summary]: The history of the ichtyological collections of the National Natural History Museum is traced out since their foundation in 1897. The successive stages of its enlarging, enriching and development are presented: the first stage — from 1897 to 1918; the second stage — from 1918 to 1944; the third stage — from 1944 to 1974; the fourth stage — from 1974 on. The activities are presented of the scientists who have dedicated their creative potential and erudition to the foundation and development of the Department of Ichtyology at the Natural History Museum (the present-day National Natural History Museum) in Sofia: Dr. Paul Leverkühn, Dr. Gretzer, Acad. Dr. Ivan Bures, Dr. Penco Drenski, Adolf Suman, Prof. Georgi Siskov, Sen. Res. Worker Kiril Bulgurkov, Res. Worker Liljana Mihajlova. The paper lays stress on some valuable and unique components from Bulgarian and foreign ichtyofauna. Data are presented on the contemporary state of the exposition and scientific fund of the Department of Ichtyology, which includes a total of 5555 preparations, from them 100 being dry and 5455 — alchoholic-formaline.

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