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Staff publications

Vladislav Vergilov [publications]

Zlatkov, B., Vergilov, V., Santa‑Rita, J. V. P., Baixeras, J., 2023. First 3-D reconstruction of copulationin Lepidoptera: interaction of genitalia in Tortrix viridana (Tortricidae). — Frontiers in Zoology. doi:10.1186/s12983-023-00500-4 [PDF]

Mutafchiev, Y., Vergilov, V., 2023. Redescription of Thubunaea schurkovi Annaev, 1973 from Ablepharus chernovi, with notes on the members of Thubunaea (Spirurida: Physalopteridae) from the Palaearctic and Indomalayan realms. — Journal of Helminthology, 97: e39. doi:10.1017/S0022149X23000172

Zlatkov, B., Vergilov, V., Sivilov, O., Pérez Santa‑Rita, J. V., Baixeras, J., 2022. New approaches for studying the functional anatomy of the phallus in Lepidoptera. — Zoomorphology. doi:10.1007/s00435-022-00566-4 [PDF]

Vergilov, V., Tzankov, N., Kornilev, Y., Popgeorgiev, G., 2022. Ecology of the small Snake-eyed Skink Ablepharus kitaibelii (Bibron & Bory de Saint-Vincent, 1833) in a NW Bulgaria population. — The North-Western Journal of Zoology, 18 (1): 40—46. [PDF]

Slavchev, M., Dyugmedzhiev, A., Vergilov, V., 2022. Pelobates fuscus (Common Spadefoot Toad) and Pelophylax ridibundus (Marsh Frog). Interspecific amplexus. — Herpetological Review, 53 (3): 474. [PDF]

Vergilov, V., Tzankov, N., 2021. Giant pelobatid fossil larva from the middle Miocene of Bulgaria. — Historia naturalis bulgarica, 43 (3): 29—42. [PDF] doi:10.48027/hnb.43.031

Vergilov, V., Dyugmedzhiev, A., Georgieva, S., Slavchev, M., 2021. A case of Emys orbicularis (L.) feeding on newts from Bulgaria. — Historia naturalis bulgarica, 43 (2): 25—27. [PDF] doi:10.48027/hnb.43.021

Nedyakov, N., Vergilov, V., Zlatkov, B., 2021. Penis morphology of two European mole species (Soricomorpha, Talpidae). — Biologia. doi:10.1007/s11756-021-00738-5

Jablonski, D., Sillero, N., Oskyrko, O., Bellati, A., Čeirāns, A., Cheylan, M., Cogălniceanu, D., Crnobrnja-Isailović, J., Crochet, P.-A., Crottini, A., Doronin, I., Džukić, G., Geniez, P., Ilgaz, Ç., Iosif, R., Jandzik, D., Jelić, D., Litvinchuk, S., Ljubisavljević, K., Lymberakis, P., Mikulíček, P., Mizsei, E., Moravec, J., Najbar, B., Pabijan, M., Pupins, M., Sourrouille, P., Strachinis, I., Szabolcs, M., Thanou, E., Tzoras, E., Vergilov, V., Vörös, J., Gvoždík, V., 2021. The distribution and biogeography of slow worms (Anguis, Squamata) across the Western Palearctic, with an emphasis on secondary contact zones. — Amphibia-Reptilia. doi:10.1163/15685381-bja10069

Zlatkov, B., Stefanov, S., Gashtarov, V., Vergilov, V., 2020. New records of Hierodula transcaucasica Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1878 (Mantodea) from Bulgaria. — Historia naturalis bulgarica, 41: 99—101. [PDF] doi:10.48027/hnb.41.12003

Nikolov, V., Dochev, D., Pavlishina, P., Brusatte, S., Yaneva, M., Konyovska, R., Vergilov, V., Simov, N., Spassov, N., Hristova, L., 2020. Welcome to “Cretaceous Park”: Three years of research at the Late Cretaceous tetrapod fossil site near the town of Tran, Western Srednogorie. — Review of the Bulgarian Geological Society, 81 (3): 141—143.

Kornilev, Y., Lukanov, S., Pulev, A., Slavchev, M., Vacheva, E., Vergilov, V., Mladenov, V., Georgieva, R., Popgeorgiev, G., 2020. The Alien Pond Slider Trachemys scripta (Thunberg in Schoepff, 1792) in Bulgaria: Future Prospects for an Established and Reproducing Invasive Species. — Acta zoologica bulgarica, 72 (4): 571—581.

Georgieva, S., Vergilov, V., 2020. Notes on some biometrical data on hatchlings of Lacerta agilis (L.) (Squamata: Lacertidae) in Western Bulgaria. — The North-Western Journal of Zoology, 16 (2): 246—247. [PDF]

Gemel, R., Vergilov, V., 2020. Nomenclatural-taxonomic notes on the genus Ablepharus Fitzinger, 1824 (Squamata: Scincidae). — Zootaxa, 4858 (3) 448—450. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.4858.3.11

Vergilov, V., Kornilev, Y., 2019. Injuries reflecting intra- and interspecific interactions in the Snake-eyed Skink Ablepharus kitaibelii (Bibron & Bory de Saint-Vincent, 1833) (Squamata, Scincidae) from Bulgaria. — Herpetozoa, 32: 171—175. doi:10.3897/herpetozoa.32.e37735 [PDF]

Popgeorgiev, G., Naumov, B., Kornilev, Y., Vergilov, V., Slavchev, M., Lukanov, S., Dyugmegdzhiev, A., Stoyanov, A., Dobrev, D., Tzankov, N., 2019. Diversity and Distribution of Amphibians and Reptiles in the Bulgarian Part of the Lower Danube. — p. 283—314.

Handschuh, S., Natchev, N., Kummer, S., Beisser, C., Lemell, P., Herrel, A., Vergilov, V., 2019. Cranial kinesis in the miniaturised lizard Ablepharus kitaibelii (Squamata: Scincidae). — Journal of Experimental Biology. doi:10.1242/jeb.198291 [PDF]

Vergilov, V., Tzankov, N., Zlatkov, B., 2018. Age structure and growth in Bulgarian populations of Ablepharus kitaibelii (Bibron & Bory de Saint-Vincent, 1833) (Squamata: Sauria: Scincidae). — Herpetozoa, 30 (3/4): 179—185. [PDF]

Vergilov, V., Tzankov, N., 2018. Contribution to the individual marking techniques for small lizards: heat branding on Ablepharus kitaibelii (Bibron & Bory de Saint-Vincent, 1833). — North-Western Journal of Zoology, 14 (2) 270—273. [PDF]

Vergilov, V., Necheva, V., Zlatkov, B., 2018. Reproduction of Snake-eyed Skink Ablepharus kitaibelii (Bibron & Bory de Saint-Vincent, 1833) (Squamata: Scincidae) in Bulgaria. — Acta zoologica bulgarica, 70 (4): 507—516. [PDF]

Vergilov, V., Natchev, N., 2018. Notes on the hatching phases and the size of the juveniles in the Snake-eyed skink Ablepharus kitaibelii (Bibron & Bory de Saint-Vincent, 1833). — Acta Scientifica Naturalis, 5 (1): 69—74. [PDF]

Vergilov, V., Zlatkov, B., Tzankov, N., 2017. Hemipenial differentiation in the closely related congeners Ablepharus kitaibelii (Bibron & Bory de Saint-Vincent, 1833), and Ablepharus budaki Göçmen, Kumlutaş & Tosunoğlu, 1996 (Squamata: Sauria: Scincidae). — Herpetozoa, 30 (1/2): 39—48. [PDF]

Vergilov, V., Natchev, N., 2017. First record of tail bifurcations in the Snake-eyed skink (Ablepharus kitaibelii Bibron & Bory de Saint-Vincent, 1833) from Pastrina hill (northwestern Bulgaria). — Arxius de Miscel·lània Zoològica, 15: 224—228. [PDF]

Vergilov, V., 2017. Notes on the defensive behavior and activity of Ablepharus kitaibelii (Bibron & Bory de Saint-Vincent, 1833) in Bulgaria. — ZooNotes, 116: 1—4. [PDF]

Цанков, Н., Стоянов, А., Добрев, Д., Луканов, С., Корнилев, Ю., Андонов, К., Вергилов, В., Попгеоргиев, Г., 2017. Trachemys scripta (Thunberg in Schoepff, 1792). — стр. 110—113. В: Тричкова, Т., Владимиров, В., Томов, Р., Тодоров, М. (ред.): Атлас на инвазивните чужди видове от значение за Европейския съюз, ИБЕИ-БАН, ESENIAS, София, 176 стр. [PDF]

Vergilov, V., Hristov, G., Lukanov, S., Lambevska, A., Tzankov, N., 2016. First record of Ablepharus kitaibelii (Bibron & Bory de Saint-Vincent, 1833) in Montenegro. — Biharean Biologist, 10 (1): 65—66. [PDF]

Natchev, N., Tzankov, N., Vergilov, V., Kummer, S., Handschuh, S., 2015. Functional morphology of a highly specialised pivot joint in the cranio-cervical complex of the minute lizard Ablepharus kitaibelii in relation to feeding ecology and behaviour. — Contributions to Zoology, 84 (1) 13—23. [PDF]

Vergilov, V., Tzankov, N., 2014. Influence of environmental factors on the morphology of the Snake-eyed skink Ablepharus kitaibelii (Reptilia: Scincidae) in Eastern Balkans. — Acta zoologica bulgarica, 66 (2): 217—224. [PDF]

Tzankov, N., Popgeorgiev, G. S., Naumov, B., Stojanov, A., Kornilev, Y. V., Petrov, B., Dyugmedzhiev, A., Vergilov, V., Dragomirova, R., Lukanov, S., Westerström, A., 2014. Identification guide to the amphibians and reptiles in Vitosha Nature Park. — Directorate of Vitosha Nature Park, Sofia, 248 pp. [PDF]

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